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If you would like a different frame option other than the ones displayed on the website, feel free to call us at (770) 424 0450 or click the contact us page button for an email form. We build all the frames in house from scratch from high quality frame molding. We can also provide you with color matching suggestions. The printing on all prints is acid free and the ink is resistant to fading over time.  Every print is signed by the artist, Randy McGovern in pencil. The mat board borders we use are also acid free. The backing is an acid free foam board that also serves the function of holding the print securely in place. The very back of the pictures are lined with paper and have a sturdy hanging wire. Only the very small 8 inch by 10 inch pictures do not have a hanging wire (they come with a bracket hanger).  We of course, always recommend the frame that is shown on the website, however we have other frames that are not shown so if you prefer a different option, please give us a call or email us about our frame selection and we will make sure you are satisfied with your frame.

two tone poplar
white oak
Brown and Gold
knotty pine
mini brass corner
brown rustic
cherry frame
mini brown walnut
red burl
mini oak
speckled gold
skinny white oak

Click on the frame for a close up frame photo

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