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What does the phrase "hidden creatures" mean?

Most of Randy McGovern’s paintings have some form of hidden creatures in it, with about only 5% that do not. Every time a picture is purchased that has “hidden creatures” in it, it comes with a card that explains which animals are hidden in that painting. It won’t tell you the location of the creatures though, that’s your job to find them!  The challenge in painting these creatures is making them hidden enough to escape the casual glance, and yet detailed and distinctive enough to stand out when you know what to look for.  This makes for a fun and interesting conversation piece of art.

The images on this website are high resolution enough that you can still spot most of the hidden critters using the magnification tool. It takes a keen eye, however, as most of these animals were created with natural camouflage.  

In this deer image shown below, you can see close ups of a raccoon, a chipmunk and a woodcock. Click the button below to see a higher resolution example of a deer image that has 12 hidden creatures in it. See if you can find them all.

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