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The vast majority of Randy McGovern artwork is available for licensing. Many of his paintings have been effectively utilized by large companies such as Franklin Mint, Bradford Exchange, Danbury Mint, and IMG, just to name a few. Look no further if you want numerous visually stunning images in a wide variety of categories. Just click the tab that says Gallery Store, or click the image below to be redirected to our image licensing website.

Randy McGovern’s artwork has been printed on a plethora of various products to include plates, t-shirts, afghans, puzzles, mirrors, personal checks, greeting cards, calendars, licence plates, cellphone covers, coolers, vehicle wraps, wooden signs, coffee mugs etc.  It’s very likely that you have already seen one of his images used on a product before.

Non-profit companies (like Ducks Unlimited for example) have successfully raised thousands by utilizing Randy McGovern’s images on their clothing. Although he has a wide reputation in the waterfowl arena, he also has numerous deer, birds, dogs, cats, horses, and many other miscellaneous wildlife images, including landscape scenes.

Randy McGovern also has great reputation as a fish artist (both freshwater and saltwater) that portrays them in both accuracy and detail. Simply put, most sportsmen will not purchase items if the animals that they know so well are not painted accurately.  With well over three hundred paintings of fish and wildlife, many of Randy McGovern’s highest selling pictures are still available to be used for licensing. If you would like to learn more about using Randy’s fine art pieces, feel free to contact us or visit out licensing website by clicking the image below.

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